Head by Darren Carnall

Realise or enhance ANY custom figure or character in 1:6 scale!?

Everything you need:

einordmaine's CustomToyEmporium is a new style of building your own action figure in 1:6 scale. Can be fully tailored to suit your own tastes.

Custom built figures that can proudly stand alongside some of the leading action figures that are out there. 

Simply add the ready created custom accessories to enhance your existing figure... or request an item or figure based on your images of comic, movies or book characters!

accessories good enough for ELVIS1976

MAD MAN Sam Browne & belt gear

T2 John Connor

​young Sarah Connor vests

Although I specialise in 1:6 Custom Riddick Figures and accessories... other 1:6 items have been made :-



einordmaine's ADVENTURER




einordmaine's MAD MAN


"Dog" by Scot Petterson

MAD MAN "Raggety Man"


Proud to not be supported by (nor do I support)...

einordmaine's paint

of KAI STUDIO's sculpt

...adjusted SIDESHOW clothing



John McClane (DIE HARD) parts

ARROW parts

einordmaine's DESTROYER


About einordmaine -

I suppose I began customising first as a kitbasher (merely swapping already created parts) but now I consider myself a customiser - proper (albeit with a small c) mainly because where something doesn't exist, I create it myself! I protect my work with Copyright© especially from plagarists - I don't mind 'inspiring' others - but have to condemn downright theft!

Mostly my work is based upon movies, comics or books. I realise I am technically borrowing others' creations from the silver screen, but my justification lies in the fact that my creations once made are unique in 1:6th scale and as a consequence - they are physically protected with Copyright. How would you feel painstakingly re-creating something detailed, only to have it unceremoniously thrust into some rubber moulds and all in the name of multi copies/multi profits!?

Costs are incurred with each piece I create and I prefer to offer each of them up for sale.

About the Custom Toy Emporium:

I am not a "professional" sculptor or artist - if those are the pre-requsite qualifications you require before a purchase then you're in the wrong place - I am firstly a Riddick Fan (no formal qualifications there either) with a sharp eye for detail & a love of creating whatever is needed to make more authentic miniatures in 1:6 scale... I have had professional help from 4D Modelshop, London in the reproduction of Riddick's pewter Ulaks; 3D assistance from Josh Griffin with the Necro armour; and Jarrod Penfold@Wednesday Toys with my CONVICT nodes & Max's V8 engine. Certain headsculpts are created by HillierHeads & have been painted by them and also by Mark Simpson... I currently await a unique piece from Darren Carnall.

Let me state at the outset - you are buying a completed piece of work/art from me.

If you are used to cheap, reproduction parts from mass-production factories (no one-man enterprise can ever compete with that - except in taste stakes)  [insert a quality verses quantity argument here]! Know that costings will include parts & labour charges needed to achieve the desired effect/finish - for that is what you are paying for after all - my time spent creating, plus any material costs incurred.

It is a mark of my work that I improve with each creation and I must be free to improve what I create - should you purchase something from me, then you will obtain the best from where my skills currently reside - I'll do my very best to bring your dream figure to life - that is an einordmaine promise!