CONVICT & SPACE GLADIATOR figures clothed with base parts supplied by SMcG

3D Nodes & engine

designed & realised

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Basically, I started by making RIDDICK's Ulak blades in 2004. I always had ACTION MEN as a child and so I began to try to construct my own Riddick in the familiar 1:6 scale... I could sculpt one blade, but the dilemma then (as now) is how to authentically reproduce that, so I will end up with identical pairs?!

I have had a few setbacks in my time... thanks to 'the famous Neny Dee' for initially suggesting he built Riddick, for bargaining my work down to $20 for the "fame it would bring me", eventually mentioning me as actual creator of the parts, and continually doing so to this day - thanks for all the weird and wonderful hobbyists you bring me, bud!! To dishonest buyers on EBAY claiming I never sent my items; even stating they never received them [?Vargas & Daan van Zjil] Proof of Postage is a wonderful thing. All subsequently shown to be liars - especially when the newly developed FACEBOOK was showing off 'their' work!!!; to SMcG's much cheaper & inaccurate sets becoming popular on SSF - a personal "thanks" to some 'Freaks for approaching him with my idea, and for (still) attempting to ruin my interests too, but for opening my eyes to the real "scum & villany" that inhabit the 1:6th world... money couldn't repay! To Kit Chen:- I would like to make things clear (especially off of facebook) the massive info I sent on how to better to reproduce trousers, coupled with your slowness of progress equalling your frequently & repeatedly asking for my RUNE pattern design really opened my eyes to the 'honesty & integrity' that business dealers have with the 'uninitiated' ¬ STATEMENT: it was my mistake to be annoyed by Boy Black's release and also to ever think you were involved... my annoyance lies in the fact that as your designs became further away from my concept, Boy Black's designs became 'almost there'... co-incidence!? ANSWER THIS: Why doesn't Boy Black have RUNES on his vest!?

©Copyright is international and very off putting to the dishonest... God bless 'em!

Thanks to 4D Modelshop LONDON - for their assistance with reproducing my one blade, many many times! Thanks to SMcG for reproducing the Black Combats. Dominik for the GRIDDED design on the trousers & RUNE pattern on the vests.


I suppose when something works, it really works... I began building my gear into construcable sets - being a hobbyist and model maker then, I liked how by adding parts the whole item can be upgraded or changed to how you like it - I have already mentioned a childhood fascination for ACTION MEN - blame that!

A Harness, Bracers, Ulaks, Boots and Goggles (still problematic) became the basis for a full figure - I suppose if I'm honest, the sets' main feature was its ability to be used in a variety of ways, but the downside is the God-awful ways it was being abused... some of the penny pinching became Riddick-ulous (sorry for the bad pun) - putting them onto a basic skinny figure to cut corners, while refusing to buy a newly HAND MADE vest is just tight! Arguing with me about which body to use and then having me reconstuct the pieces, by hand, to better fit something they were never designed for is why you all have the lesser quality pieces! Thanks for waking me up to why it is better that I construct this figure from now on.

All in all - who'd've thought that from creating a small self assembly kit, I would have had such hostility from companies... theft of property, physical and intellectual... clashed with egos... upset the status quo on long established prima facae 'welcoming' figure forum sites... enjoyed slanderous conversations... been slandered and insulted... lied to & lied about!

You want a figure - original - one of a kind... you've come to the right place!


Here are some past purchased examples of mySPACE GLADIATOR - parts and accessories...

CONTACT if you need assistance in building one of your own - I have a certain amount of practice in such matters...

Jarrod Penfold @WednesdayToys

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3D armour & weapons

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